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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Differences between Chiropractors

We have posted this information before. But, it is always good to be reminded...especially when this continues to be an ongoing question for patients. Hopefully you will find it informative.

We get a lot of questions in our office about the differences between chiropractors. If you have been to multiple chiropractors you probably already know that none of them seem to be the same. There are many different methods to practicing chiropractic, and a chiropractor is going to choose the method that best fits them.

Even in our office you will probably notice that both Dr. Matt and Dr. Elizabeth practice differently. However, they have one thing in common; specificity

At Christopher Chiropractic the doctors are determined to move only the segments that need to be moved. They take great care and effort through spinal examinations, neurological and orthopedic examinations to determine the specific cause of each patient's complaints. We will personalize your treatment plan based on your body type, your medical history and the nature of the problems that bring you into our office.  

We will use the next few blogs to focus on the specific techniques that Dr. Matt and Dr. Elizabeth use in practice and how they may benefit you. In the meantime if you have any questions about chiropractic please call the office at (606) 549-4811 and we will do our best to answer any questions that you may have.
Christopher Chiropractic. Feel better. Enjoy life.

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