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Monday, June 3, 2013

Low Back Pain Prevention while Cleaning

We see a lot of low back complaints in our office. One of the key elements to getting a patient feeling better quickly is not only utilizing chiropractic care but also making sure that the patient understands the prevention of their symptoms.

For a lot of ladies (and some fellows) some of the key ways to prevent recurrence of symptoms is in finding more ergonomic methods to complete their housework. We find in our office that sweeping, moping, and vacuuming always slow down the healing time of a low back patient. So during an acute flare up of low back pain we advise against these activities.

The ACA also recognizes the importance housework can have on the health of your back. Below are some of their "back-saving tips": 
  • When you wash dishes, open the cabinet beneath the sink, bend one knee and put your foot on the shelf under the sink. Lean against the counter so some of your weight is supported in front.
  • To vacuum, use a "fencer's stance." Put all your weight on one foot, then step forward and back with the other foot as you push the vacuum forward and back. Use the back foot as a pivot when you turn.
    • Our advice, try to limit twisting at the waist
  • While talking on the phone, don't cradle the phone between your ear and shoulder. That can lock up the spinal joints in the neck and upper back, and cause pain. Instead, hold the phone with your hand or use the speakerphone. 
We also suggest that you pace yourself. If you find that housework causes pain in your back, work in 15-30 minute increments follow that with rest for 30 minutes and then begin again. During that time of rest you can also apply ice for up to 20 minutes to help with the swelling and pain.

If you find that housework is causing you discomfort, especially in your low back, please review the tips listed above. Also, consider that chiropractic care may be a good choice in helping you with those symptoms. Subtle misalignments in the structure of your spine may be causing you some discomfort as you complete the repetitive motions that go along with housework tasks. If you have questions about whether chiropractic can help you or not please feel free to contact us at (606) 549-4811, or stop by our downtown Williamsburg office we will be more than happy to sit down and talk to you about ways we can possible help.

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