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Monday, May 13, 2013

Poor Posture and Stretching

In recent blogs we have focused on some specific stretches that can help in the management or prevention low back complaints. We also mentioned that one of the most common causes of back complaints is lack of activity or exercise. Another common cause of back problems that we see in our office is poor posture. 

There are many causes of poor posture. With today's need for computers and electronics, one of the most common causes of poor posture is that we sit more often and for longer periods of time. Constant poor posture or a lack of proper work station ergonomics can wreak havoc on our backs and necks. This will eventually cause stress on the ligaments and muscles that hold the spinal joints together and lead to injuries, middle back ache, neck pain and tension headaches. 
In our office we look for a few key signs of poor posture including: forward rounding of the shoulders, increased curvature of the middle back, and forward head carriage. With these positions we see one common theme: tight pectoralis or chest muscles and very loose or lax middle back muscles. 

One of the first exercises that we ask patients with poor posture to do is to stretch the muscles of the chest. Below is an example of a simple easy stretch to help open up the chest, and reverse the effects of bad posture: 

Remember to always consult your health professional before beginning any stretch or exercise routine. If any of the stretches cause pain or discomfort please stop immediately and consult your healthcare professionals. 

Standing Chest Stretch: While standing place hands on lower back. Breathe in and raise your chest up to the sky while bringing elbows together. Hold for 10 seconds while feeling the muscles release in the front of the chest and shoulders. Return to a relaxed position. Relax and Repeat 3 times.

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