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Monday, May 14, 2012

"Hi, This is Christopher Chiropractic."

"Quality, on time patient care" is something that we at Christopher Chiropractic strive to provide all of our patients. In doing that we try to provide service laced in reliability, compliance, durability and serviceability. And these are all characteristics that we try to teach our staff on a daily basis.

So, our hope is that when you call our office to schedule an appointment and you hear either soft spoken Brandy
or bold, friendly Ethan
answer the phone with, "Hi. This is Christopher Chiropractic. How may I help you?" that you find us striving to provide you professional, quality care in an on time manner.

We appreciate you, Williamsburg, for voting us the 2012 People's Choice for best Chiropractor. We are honored and grateful. As always, thanks for making us your family's chiropractic professionals. If we can be of service feel free to call us at (606) 549-4811.


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