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Monday, October 15, 2012

Chiropractic Care! Its like going to a dentist ?

Like your teeth, your spine needs periodic check-ups to prevent problems in the future.

Recently Dr. Matt had to make an emergency run to the dentist. OUCH! Unfortunately he was informed that he had a cavity and needed a filling. It had been a while since Dr. Matt had visited a dentist for a regular cleaning and check up. However, Dr. Matt brushes his teeth on a regular basis (you can normally find his toothbrush in the office restroom) and he flosses. So, how could he still get a cavity? It happens! 
In our office we get patients with the same experience as Dr. Matt, only its not their teeth that bother them (thank goodness); its their back that hurts! They exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, stretch, maintain good posture, and work to strengthen their back muscles. Yet, they still end up with back pain.  How does that happen? 

Subtle misalignments can occur in the spinal bones as a result of trauma, overuse or repetitive activities. If not corrected, these misalignments can cause tissues surrounding the bones, including nerves and muscles, to become sore and irritated causing back pain. So, like going to a dentist for a cleaning, to see if you have any cavities, or to fix a tooth before it becomes a painful problem, it is important to visit a chiropractor to make sure you have no misalignments in your spinal structure that can cause symptoms down the road. 

Fortunately, if we have a tooth that gets bad enough or decays enough, our dentist can either pull it, fill it, or replace it. Unfortunately, if your misaligned spinal bones are left not moving properly for long enough they will cause pain and degeneration to a point that those joints no longer function, and they are not so easy to replace. However, it could be a simple problem that could be prevented by an occasional visit to your chiropractor. So visit our office or call (606) 549-4811 to get scheduled today to see if you need re-aligned before things get out of control!

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