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Friday, January 11, 2013

Chiropracitc and Pregnancy

We were recently asked if a pregnant mom should wear high heels? 

Dr. Matt's Response:  "As a rule, high heels are not usually a good idea. They shift weight bearing and throw off pelvic stability. Excessive use of high heels can lead to very tight hamstrings and calves, which can lead to many back, knee or foot problems. And that doesn't even address the negative impact it has on the joints of the feet. With the altered weight bearing, increased weight and hormones of pregnancy these problems would only be magnified. In other words, probably not. I hope her chiropractor told her to get rid of the shoes." 

Pregnancy can often cause mom to suffer from back pain due to the extra weight gain, an altered weight distribution from your increase in tummy size, and from the rapid increase in hormones that cause the ligaments and joints of the pelvis to often loosen and shift out of their normal positions. It is very important for mom to stay active and healthy during her pregnancy, but back pain can definitely slow her down. 

Chiropractic may help to restore motion to the pelvis, and relieve the pain associated with the ever changing body of an expectant mother. Our doctors can modify their adjusting techniques to accommodate a pregnant woman’s enlarged belly. Come join the crowd of people who have learned that specific chiropractic care is effective and very safe for  both pregnant women  and their growing babies.

The following link will also provide you with more information and tips on back pain prevention during pregnancy: 

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