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Monday, June 24, 2013

Do You Struggle With Deciding If You Will Exercise Or Not Each Day? I Have (Almost) Removed That Struggle From My Life.

Hey folks. This is Matthew and I want to tell you how I have stopped sabotaging my own exercise plans.

Many of you know that in recent weeks our family has been more conscientious about our daily diet and exercise routines.  Today I want to share a tip that has helped me personally, especially in regards to actually performing the exercise that I once only planned to do.

Most folks who are still reading this are probably familiar with a common struggle that I used to face every morning.  Whether I woke up before my alarm as I normally do or whether the alarm woke me up because I stayed up too late the night before, my first concern of the morning was always the same:  Do I exercise now or do I go straight to the office and get a head start on taking care of those seemingly urgent tasks that await me?

Unfortunately, more times than not I would opt against the exercise…until I read something by Jon Acuff that changed my thinking about this in a drastic way.  I’m going to quickly let you in on my new secret.

Since I failed in that daily decision making process more times than not, I am now attacking the problem in a different way.  Each week I decide in advance what days I will exercise and I schedule it into my life.  Admittedly, I did that before.  However, the difference is that now I consider the decision to be made when I schedule the exercise, not when I decide to do or not each day.

It is a subtle difference, but the impact of that difference has been very significant.  Let me explain how it has totally transformed my “stinking thinking” and made me healthier. 

Yesterday I decided that this week I will walk at 6:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I also decided to exercise at 8:00 on Tuesday and Thursday.  With this new way of thinking, the decision was made yesterday and nothing besides an accident or some major unforeseen complication can change that.

Therefore, this morning when I woke up I was able to skip the step of asking if I was going to exercise.  Why?  The decision was already made!  All that I had to do was act upon what I had already decided yesterday. 

Since that daily decision to exercise or not was the point at which my plans would formerly fall apart on me, I can now avoid that tragedy altogether by not letting myself decide that day.

Since I started doing this I have found that simply eliminating the option of asking that question each morning has resulted in me living a life that is much more in sync with the person that I want to be.  That is because I am giving myself less of an opportunity to undermine my own goals for health and wellness.

Not only does this apply to our exercise habits, but it can also apply to our daily devotions, personal growth activities, family time, or just about any other task that is very important but doesn’t seem as urgent as many other things in our lives.

I hope it helps you to feel better and enjoy life as much as it has for me.  This paradigm shift has changed my life for the better.  May it do the same for you.

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