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Monday, November 4, 2013

Techno-Safety Tips from the American Chiropractic Association: Thumb Safety

Our bodies are made to move—not to maintain the same posture for long periods of time. As we have discussed in previous blogs, this can have a huge impact on our health as we find ourselves using mobile technology more often.  For example, our thumbs are not made to quickly and forcefully press the small keys on cell phones to text and input data.  This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice these modern conveniences for your health, but you should be aware of the risks and what you can do to minimize them.
Use the following tips from the American Chiropractic Association to minimize the risk of injury:
  • Alternate among using your thumb, index finger, and a stylus, if available.
  • If your only choice is a stylus, change how you hold it. Switch between holding it like a pen and holding it between the index and middle fingers.
  • Several multi-tip pens are available at office supply stores that enable you to switch between pen and stylus tips. This is a good option, as the barrel of the pen is thicker than a standard stylus and requires less force on the joints and muscles.
  • Minimize the use of scroll wheels as they often cause inflammation of thumb tendons.

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