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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Could you be saving money?

Utilizing your health insurance properly can save you money. Just because a doctor advertises or tells someone that he "takes insurance" or "accepts insurance" does not necessarily mean that patients will get all of the perks associated with their insurance if they go there. Here is some advice that could save you money:

Instead of asking your doctor, "Do you accept my insurance?" ask "Are you in-network with my insurance company?" 

If your doctor is in network with your insurer it means they are a "participating provider." Participating providers must accept a lower fee for their services. Participating providers are sometimes called "par" providers or "in-network providers". 

Non-participating providers, or those NOT IN NETWORK, generally have not entered into any kind of contract with an insurer and they are not bound to the insurance company's fee schedule. This can mean that the non-network providers may take or accept your insurance, but can charge a higher fee. Your insurance company may not cover the costs of these providers, and you will pay a larger percentage of the bill.  

What are the perks to seeing a participating provider?
  1. Participating providers are usually not allowed to balance bill patients or charge more than the amount allowed by insurance carrier no matter what their normal fee is.  For example, a chiropractor may charge $35 for an adjustment but the insurer only allows a $23 charge; in that situation a participating provider must accept the $23 payment as payment in full and he cannot bill the patient for the remaining $12.   
  2. A participating provider must accept a lower fee which can save patients a lot of money.
How do I know if my doctor participates with my insurance plan?
You can always ask the provider, but don't ask if they "accept" your insurance. Instead, ask them if they are a participating provider or if they are "in-network" with your insurance company. Also you can visit your insurance carrier's website and do a search for participating providers in your area. 

Is Christopher Chiropractic "in-network" with any insurance carriers?
We strive to be "in-network" with all carriers so that quality chiropractic care is available and affordable to anyone who wishes to see us.

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