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Monday, August 18, 2014

Have You Stretched Today?

Stretching is vitally important to keeping joints moving and to keeping you "feeling better." Our general rule with stretching is that if you have been sitting in one spot for more than an hour, then you probably need to get up and move and stretch for ten to fifteen minutes.

Daily stretching can increase blood flow to the muscles, improve posture, decrease muscle tension and improve joint range of motion. Here are some important considerations and tips to help you incorporate daily stretching into your life:
  1. Always consult a health professional before beginning any exercise program. However, it is safe to assume that most people in generally good health can participate in basic daily stretches with no problems. Basic stretches can include basic ranges of motion or just a change in position. For example: moving after sitting for long periods of time; sitting after standing all day, bending and squatting at the knees after standing, swinging your arms back and forth after sitting at a desk all day. 
  2. Never participate in a stretch that causes you pain. If you extend your arm back and you feel pain in your shoulder that may be a good sign of an underlying issue to consult your health professional about. 
  3. Focus on key muscle groups every day. Key muscle groups include those that are mostly overused and those that will normally feel tight. We recommend focusing on your chest (pectoralis),
    your buttocks (gluts), your hip flexors (psoas),
    and the back of your legs (calves and hamstrings). 
  4. Look into local yoga or Pilates classes for added support and ideas to help you better improve your stretches.You may be surprised how much better you begin to feel by attending just one class a week.
For more information on chiropractic or stretches that can be tailored to your specific spinal problems call us at (606) 549-4811 to schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors.

Christopher Chiropractic. Feel better. Enjoy life. 

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