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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is There A Secret to Health?

We all wish there was that "silver bullet" for perfect health. Unfortunately, there isn't a magic pill that you can take to stay perfectly healthy. Would you be surprised if I told you that the "magic" force to staying perfectly healthy was within you?  It's true! Our bodies are amazing self-healing units! Consider this...if you paper cut your finger, or scrap your knee on the side walk, you do not have to consciously think/tell your body to heal the cut or scrap? We come with a system that takes care of healing for us.

Our mighty force of health lies mostly within our nervous system. This system controls the function of every cell, tissue and organ in your body. The nervous system can perceive a "threat" (i.e danger or in the above example an injury like a cut). When that threat is perceived the nervous system initiates an action. That action could be a reflex to quickly move your hand away from a hot pan. The action could also be initiation of the immune system to fight off germs or the initiation of new cells to form and repair our wound.

So, what happens if the nervous system doesn't function properly? You probably guessed it already...your whole body will suffer and not function properly.

Maintaining optimum function of your nervous system can be accomplished in a few easy steps:
  • Your spine houses and protects the bulk of the nervous system (spinal cord and spinal nerves). However, occasionally the vertebra (bones) that make up your spine will become restricted or misaligned from their proper position. When these little guys misalign, their normal range of motion becomes limited. We may notice this when we have tight muscles, back pain, headaches, neck pain, or even numbness and tingling. However, a subtle misalign can affect the function of the nervous system and we be unaware. So how do you keep you spine moving well?
Chiropractic is a great resource to utilize in the correction of the subtle misalignment of the spine. As chiropractors we are trained to find misalignments and correct them in the most gentle, specific manner possible. Once the joints are moving properly, then it's important to keep them moving. Keeping them moving can be easily accomplished with: stretching, walking, yoga, massage, strength training, etc.
  • Nutrition is important in providing your nervous system with the proper nutrients to function. A well balanced diet with proper intake of water can help your nervous system have everything that it needs to function at 100%. Some of the most important things to consider include: Vitamin B, water, fatty acids, electrolytes, and vitamin C.
Here is an important note: One of the principles of chiropractic states that "there is a limitation to matter." That being said it's important to remember that sometimes we all have limitations to how close to 100% function that we can have in our nervous system and our bodies. There are some diseases and illness that occur that will alter our body's chemistry and our nervous system's function. Because of that, we may never have 100% health. However, we can all support our nervous system to the best of our ability and give our body every opportunity possible to be healthy.

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