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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Techno-Safety Tips form the American Chiropractic Association: Limiting the Use Of Technology

As technology progresses, there will likely be more tasks we can complete on our phones. While this is convenient, we have mentioned in previous blogs that we must think about the effects on our bodies.  Here are some tips from the American Chiropractic Association for minimizing PDA and cell phone use:  Return only urgent e-mails on the PDA.  Respond to other e-mails from your computer.
  • Use key shortcuts (cut, paste, etc.) and abbreviations.
  • Enter all contact info on the computer, and synchronize the devices to transfer the data to the PDA.
  • Monitor the time spent on the phone or PDA.
  • Avoid, or at least minimize, using word processing and spreadsheet programs on your PDA.
  • Take breaks to stretch and shake out the hands.
  • Turn the PDA off when possible! If it is on all the time, it’s more likely to be overused.

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