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Friday, January 30, 2015

Those Nasty Migraines

Migraine headaches are often debilitating for many individuals. If you believe that you suffer from migraines it is important that you receive the proper care from a health professional.

Receiving the proper care as well as learning some important prevention tips can help you get your life back from these nasty headaches.

One prevention tip that we often find to be overlooked by patients in our office is that they never discover their migraine trigger's. Migraines can have many different triggers from stress, hormones, allergies, etc. One trigger that we encourage patients to look at is FOOD.

To discover your food triggers, it is often recommended that a patient keep a food diary. Logging everything they eat can reveal a correlation between food and headache.

To help set you on the right track here are some common and known migraine causing foods that could be causing your headaches:
  • Aged cheese, more specifically blue cheese, brie and provolone
  • Food additives:
    • Nitrite or Nitrates which are found in hotdogs, sandwich meat, sausage, bacon, salami and pepperoni.
    • MSG which is found in a variety of foods (most commonly known to be in Chinese food) and may be labeled: bouillon, flavoring, seasoning, artificial flavoring, soy, gelatin, enzyme modified, ultra pasteurized, etc.
    • Aspartame which is found in diet soda, most chewing gums and most products labeled, "sugar free."
  • Tyramine which is found in dried fruits including banana, fig, papaya and raisins.
  • Red wine (also includes Tyramine)
  • Chocolate
  • Nuts (Tyramine again)
Your headaches may not be caused by all of these foods. That is why it's important to keep a food diary so you can determine if something you are consuming might be triggering a headache.  

We also encourage patients that suffer from migraines to remain hydrated and limit caffeine intake.

Chiropractic can help with migraine headaches. However, it once again depends upon what triggers the migraine. For more information on chiropractic or to speak with one of your doctors call us at (606) 549-4811.

Christopher Chiropractic. Feel better. Enjoy life.     

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