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Friday, April 3, 2015

Poor Posture and Construction Workers

If you are a construction worker you understand the physical stress this places on your body. You also probably realize that proper posture at work can may a huge difference in the way you feel at the end of the day and long term. Proper ergonomics at the work place is essential to maintaining proper posture as well as in preventing injuries.

Here are some tips for construction works provided by the American Chiropractic Association to help prevent injury and maintain proper posture:  
  • Minimize Awkward Postures  
  • Organize Tool Belts 
  • Loading Vehicles: Heavy items should be placed close to the tailgate or doors to minimize reaching.
  • Minimizing the Effect of Vibration: Jackhammers, drills, impact wrenches and other power tools place construction workers at risk for hand-arm vibration syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome, reduced circulation, paresthesias and pain.  
  • Digging: A long-handled tool can help decrease bending and minimize twisting of the spine. Alternately using the shovel on the left and right side of the body can reduce fatigue and muscle imbalances.
  • Handling Tools: Improper or poorly designed tools place the user in awkward postures leading to tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and strain

    For more information about proper posture and ergonomics for construction workers check out the following link:

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