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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fall/Winter Adjusting Hours!

As you may know, Christopher Chiropractic is a family owned and operated business. And because of that, we believe that family should come first! So, this year the Christopher's have entered pre-school! Ian is super excited and so are mom and dad!

Drs. Matt and Elizabeth have altered "adjusting" or patient times in order to help Ian be super successful at pre-school! Effective the week of August 23, 2016 new chiropractic hours will be as follows: 

One of the many conveniences for patients at Christopher Chiropractic is the late office hours. And, we will still offer those, but BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! 

There will be NO changes in massage scheduling! Massage appointments will still be available after 6:00pm. 

Thank you for allowing us to help you MOVE BETTER. FEEL BETTER and ENJOY LIFE.

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